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Speaking of ridiculous number of turns for a character - I should get a friend of mine to post his... we checked it last night and he's up to 169 million... and he's not level 50 yet...

It seems I was mistaken about the bow for a priest (from what I have read elsewhere). In that case, the next one will certainly have a bow of some sort.

Also, I seem to have a big difference between my starting stats for a mage than others. From what I see elsewhere - it looks like the base stats people choose are Str, Int, Con. For me, I tend to put Str up to 10 (sometimes 9), and then 18/20 Int (half-elf), 18 dex and enough in CON to leave me with 4-500gp.

The way I see it - the + to hit and AC are big benefits for the wizard, whereas the increased str is hardly enough to affect melee ability (and a wizard isn't desiring to be in melee in the first place) and for carrying capacity (which is important I'll grant you).

My stats leave me with a +2 to AC to start and +3 to hit with melee and ranged weapons. Counterpoint to this?
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