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Originally Posted by starstealer View Post
Also, I seem to have a big difference between my starting stats for a mage than others. From what I see elsewhere - it looks like the base stats people choose are Str, Int, Con. For me, I tend to put Str up to 10 (sometimes 9), and then 18/20 Int (half-elf), 18 dex and enough in CON to leave me with 4-500gp.
Always max your stats. It's infinitely easier to make 400gp than to bump up any stat points, and you'll find a single increase to any of them (save CHA) will increase your chance of survival.

For that matter, try playing as high-elf for great stats and see-inv. If you're worried about slow-leveling, you'll find that this is mitigated by the fact that you'll be more able to survive until higher levels. If it's for the challenge, that's another matter.

The way I see it - the + to hit and AC are big benefits for the wizard, whereas the increased str is hardly enough to affect melee ability (and a wizard isn't desiring to be in melee in the first place) and for carrying capacity (which is important I'll grant you).

My stats leave me with a +2 to AC to start and +3 to hit with melee and ranged weapons. Counterpoint to this?
Relatively speaking, AC is extremely unimportant. When making your considerations, leave that out. I personally don't even bother buying armor and spend that money on ?phase instead, but there's room for disagreement there.

As a mage, you shouldn't melee until very late in the game (basically until you get 3 or 4 blows). Even if you're within melee range it's more effective to use a longbow. You might as well sell the dagger and have nothing in the melee slot to free up some weight.

If you're trying to decide between STR & DEX, I wouldn't disparage STR too much - you'll find a little more carrying capacity will make the game much more enjoyable, which is what it's all about in the end. But since you'll be killing mostly with bows, Dex is useful. If you're playing a high-elf, though, you really don't need to worry about it.
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