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Standard disclaimer: I (still) have never played Sil.

My assumption with most crafting systems in (well-designed ) roguelikes is that they are intended to make the character's power curve more reliable, not to push it further/faster. In other words, it's there to guarantee that you won't miss out on $critical_equipment or to otherwise help you deal with an unexpected gap in object generation, not to let you craft your own artifacts. Viewed through this lens, it sounds like Sil crafting is basically fine up until you get to the high-end stuff. Would a valid response then to be to cap the maximum quality of smithable stuff?

Of course, Sil doesn't currently do that because Tolkein is full of stories about legendary craftsmen and their works, and the devs wanted some aspect of that to be doable in-game. But it always struck me as a little odd that the player is taking time out in the middle of incredibly hostile territory in order to do a little smithing.
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