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@Derakon - gap filling works if you're doing an odd hybrid like warrior/stealth on a dwarf. There you can build solid armour at the 1st forge when your dwarf is crap at sneaking then if you haven't found the stealth gear for the midgame you can fill it at a forge. For straight warriors, light is the only really critical thing you might fill as Infinitum already covered. There's some nice to haves like: dwarf mask of brilliance & a high dex feanor can make a mockery of the midgame with an early rauko-bow (before ringraukos, kemenraukos & Durin).

Most of the gap fillers for a build are unfortunately con drainers (=venom's end, cloaks of warmth, horns of blasting). Often safer to live without then lose the con. Unless you already know you have an herb of restoration.
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