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I'm splitting this rant into 3 to make it more readable.

Perhaps I'm not doing "real smiths" as I seem to not do any of the things you're supposed to do on a smith. The standard method seems a recipe for frustration. I'm not that into pain.

Putting lots of pts in smithing: So if I do this how many turns to kill an orc soldier? It's my hundredth as I'm also clearing levels & I want my 1xp. By the way another bunch of them wandered over while I was still flailing at the 1st one's armour. Maybe if I put less in smithing, I could kill bigger things, get more xp, maybe spend it on smithing? (Seriously I'm sure this wastes more time then the forge itself costs)

Clearing: Can't miss that forge. After all I need to build a... um... oh right I can't build anything worthwhile yet. Oh well doesn't matter, got false-floored anyway.

+3 smithing hammer: I never build these. I mean it's nice to have but I just wasted 170 turns & a vital forge. Am I any stronger? The turn clock says I have to push on now. Got +2 smithing though... (Dagmor is +1, spear of the vanyar is +1, feanorian blades are +1, smithing hammers are 1 less then you think.) My own opinion is masterpiece hammers are the only worthwhile smithing hammer.

High Grace?: Well if I'm a singer. Otherwise I'm pretty sure I'm going to put more pts in melee/evasion/stealth then smithing. I'm pretty sure if I'm lower in melee & low str that's a recipe for not being able to kill things.

So if we take my logic to it's extreme, to mega smith put nothing in smithing & dive fast. It's probably true. Fast diving a straight warrior to 950', you've got oddles of time left to smith. Plenty of forges at that level, trip over them all the time. Your surviving 950' so any spare xp can be put in smithing.

Of course you're now not a smith, but what I aim for is the in-between sensible smithing (something at the early forges to keep you alive) & the above. I find it a bit more fun then failing to kill orc soldiers at 150'

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