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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
The lower monster rate is possibly related to changes in dungeon gen in 4.1.
Yup, both changes are probably related to dungeon gen. Some of this is probably a consequence of many more special rooms that are large but fairly weakly populated and have guaranteed items. The varied rooms are a general plus, but we might want to increase the monster generation rate in them.

The fact that they diverge after level 50 might be due to the former prevalence of pits/nests which used to spawn 1 or 2 per level and now spawn significantly less frequently.

As a next step I looked at stat potions, which I've used in the past as a good gauge of how generic non-artifact drops are behaving. I've split it into 3 graphs, total stat gain drops, drops from monsters, and drops from the floor (including vaults). I don't remember if Charisma was dropped in 3.4, but regardless it's not counted in the stat potion count. Augmentation counts as 5 stat potions.

There are some surprising takeaways from these figures.

The bulk of stat potions are dropped by monsters

Monsters are more likely to drop stat potions in 4.feature than 3.4, You get more potions dropped only in the later levels in 3.4 where the monster count is much higher. (I could make another plot of stat potions per monster if people want to see the actual numbers).

Not many of the stat potions are generated on the floor, yet this value is much higher in 4.feature than in 3.4, and increases very rapidly at high levels. It even increases more rapidly right at stat gain depth.

Monsters are much more likely to drop stat potions OoD (out of depth) in 4.feature. OoD drops appear to be zero until about level 20, yet you see the possibility of finding stat potions at surprisingly high probability rates in 4.feature. Rare drops should happen, but there's an indication here that we're being too generous with good early drops.
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