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I fell asleep before it finished uploading!

Note that while this was supposed to be a speedrun I play very slowly (-2 INt means it takes me awhile to figure out LOS and then I don't get it right anyway the first try) , so when watching the video I strongly recommend setting the playback speed to 2X (under youtube settings).

At the start of the video I take out quite a few balrogs using LOS but it takes me a few tries before I get the LOS right. The below timestamp shows me screwing it up again on first try requiring me to ?phase; at which point I use create doors (an excellent tool for Ranger's LOS abuse tactics). But, what I should have done was used the Balrog as my stone to mud target. If I had done that, I would have killed him without him ever seeing me. I only discovered that tactic against Morgoth, though.

Protip 1: use the object selector tool (the * key) to select the target first: this will tell you where to stone to mud to make the hallway to him.

To jump straight to @ creating doors to LOS abuse the demon click below: is a missed opportunity for LOS abuse on another greater balrog. All I needed to do was * him from the hallway to find the best location to stone-to-mud through the wall and then nuke him. If I didn't kill him by the time he reached me, then I could have just ?phased, created doors, and finished him off.

Protip 2: Before you finish your tunnel to your target don't forget to do your buffs!! You do not want to do your buffs while the monster is coming at you, wasting precious turns you could be nuking him. I kept making that mistake as shown in the next video link. Below is an example of @ figuring out where to stone-to-mud on the first try, and then forgetting to buff. Otherwise, it demonstrates nicely effective LOS abuse using create doors.

Protip 3: When you're a ranger getting 4 shots per round, you can fire two or three arrows at your target after he arrives next to you and he shouldn't be able to respond since you should be able to use up your entire turn before he gets his.

Protip 4: Target the monster before you open the door to be sure he isn't too far over from your LOS that you won't be shooting the wall.

It takes me awhile to find Sauron on DL99. I finally locate him trapped by his cohorts outside a pit. First order of business is to dispatch of his cohorts. I couldn't figure out a way to disturb the second cohort so I had to risk getting into LOS of Sauron, though I timed my move into the hallway just right so that Sauron didn't see me so I could TO the other blocking cohort. I then ?phased hoping to land favorably and I did. I did have to risk a couple turns in his LOS in order to get back to my nuking position, though:

Sauron teleports away after his first nuking, and it takes me way too long to locate him again.

Protip 5: Monsters can take advantage of LOS abuse, too. You can create doors and wait for the monster to pass through his favorable LOS square before opening the door and then nuking him so that he doesn't get a move on you. The favorable LOS square is almost always the second to last square in a hallway before a room:

Next stop: Morgoth.

The start of DL100 where first order of business was finding a suitable place to ?*destruct*.

I get tired of waiting for him, though, so I teleport myself hoping to find him that way. It works:

Note how key the cloak of Colannon was. The teleport 100 squares is super useful as my teleport self spell only has one mode, which is to teleport me all the way to the other end of the level. Colannon brought me back to my destruct zone giving me just enough time to setup for Morgoth returning.

The start of the battle didn't employ LOS abuse, but a ?phase into a room enabled me to get some safe door LOS abuse in on him before TOing him. My strategy was simple: after a round of nuking him I'd TO him and collect my arrows. It seemed that he went to the exact same place each time I TO'd him which meant I could just wait for him to come back up the corridor I had made for him and safely nuke him before TOing him again. Each time he returned I'd locate him by detecting for monsters and then using the select object tool (the * key) and then using the stone-to-mud spell with him as the target. A bit tedious to detect him, target him, and stone-to-mud him, but once the corridor was made, it was just a matter of waiting for him to return each time I'd TO him to collect my arrows and repeat the nuking.

Note that the angle Morgoth is approaching me is a bit shallow. It would have been better if it was closer to 45 degrees. As such, he can see me when he gets a couple squares away from me. But I let him have the window of opportunity to get me:

After each time I'd TO him away I'd detect for monsters instead of resting; that way I'd see him far enough out to prepare for the next LOS abuse, in case he came from a different direction (but he always came from the same identical direction, making my job much easier).

Protip 6: use your wands of stun monster on Morgoth while you wait for him to be within nuking range. I kept forgetting to do this, though, except toward the end of the fight:

I TO'd him away one last time, but I probably should have just ?phased.

I just realized I should have filled the corridor with ;.
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