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Your consumables are fine, though if you aren't playing no-recall then I'd get more CCW, just for clearing status ailments. You also want a lot of Phase Door. 700 damage vs. evil is also more than enough.

Stun protection is not mandatory by any means. You may well get stunned during the fight, and you want to clear the status ASAP not just because of the long-term risk of being knocked out, but because it makes you considerably worse at combat. Given your choice I would go with the extra damage over the stun protection.

Your estimate of the value of speed is basically accurate. The actual math is considerably more fuzzy. But you need +30 speed to guarantee that Morgoth cannot double-move you, which is important because if he double mana storms you you're almost certainly dead. More speed gets you the very occasional double move against him, but that's less exciting since you have no equivalent to a double mana storm to use against him.
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