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So, Nick wanted a working Makefile.std...

First, what to do with autoconf.h? Is this the only header autoconf produces? I think a makefile shouldn't require autoconf.h (otherwise, why even bother). Presumably, all these macros (DEFAULT_CONFIG_PATH, HAVE_DIRENT_H, etc) should be defined in the makefile?

Second, "make depgen" is a pretty old school way to calculate dependencies, how about a more automated way? I used a pretty fancy (IMO ) method for textui2 ( I don't think it can break Makefile.osx and (if I change it to work only on BASEOBJS, like does), but it might be just too fancy/obscure. Another option is to just copy "depend" stuff from
Anyway, I have never seen this method used by anyone else, so wanted to brag

Third - just curious - does Makefile.nmake even work? I think it shouldn't, we've already determined Angband can't be compiled with MSVC++. Curious about Makefile.nds too. At least this one looks like it might work...

So i guess I'm asking about autoconf.h... Is it the only thing that makes angband's binary dependent on configure?
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