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Originally Posted by HallucinationMushroom View Post
I enjoy playing chess, I used to play a fair bit but never considered myself 'good'. I have no idea what my FIDE rating would be. I might be a pushover, but if you play on, feel free to add me. My username is lineandstamper. Shrugs. I prefer 3 minute a side games for fun and profit, because like when I play Angband, I can't be bothered to think. lol.

I will look at your game in depth tomorrow at work, I'm too tipply atm. But, my best game of all time, would be this one: 36.Nxf7+ is my favorite chess memory of all time. It felt good to play it, the board just felt alive.
Hey HM, you've actually got it set so people can't add you in your settings. I created an account but I actually get intermittent lag which makes blitz unplayable, they actually seem to have a really screwy interface there. I have no problems on & I'm on there as wobbly. I also confirmed I play pretty terrible 3 minute chess
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