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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
Because it came up in the mage and rogue competitions that devices were completely OP compared to anything else.

It's possible that in fact it should be just halved or something, but I've started by removing it completely as the first step in a binary search Also, if it goes away, so much code simplification...
Please forgive me for suspecting that you let your love of deleting code sway your judgement. Believe me, I've been there!

I don't think most players felt that devices were overpowered with the mage's old spell list, where even Greater Recharging had nontrivial odds of exploding high-level wands, and of course there was no way to tap wands for mana. I think the main complaints came from "purists", like Sky, who begrudged the need for devices moreso as a comment on the gaps in the mage's spell list than on the power of the devices themselves. (Sky, please correct me if I'm misrepresenting you)
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