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A few random issues with 4.2 I noticed while running in the competition:

The description of both the "Read Minds" and "Banish Spirits" spells say they are effective with creatures that have a spirit. Unfortunately, the monster named "fire spirit" does not have a spirit as far as these spells are concerned. I suppose one could pedantically argue that there is a difference between "having" a spirit, and "being" a spirit. But it looks bad, and is confusing. The monsters or the spells should be renamed.

While in Warg form, you cannot pickup new items off the floor. However, you CAN auto-pickup items that match your existing inventory.

A bolt of "slow monster" does NOT wake up a sleeping monster; it sorta seems like it should.

As noted elsewhere, Sauron and Morgoth cast spells only half as often as they are supposed to. Coupled with the Necro "disenchantment" effect, this tends to make them too vulnerable to ranged attacks. They are still tough, don't get me wrong. But they are much easier than they ought to be.

I think Annihilation wands are too strong and should be deleted from the game entirely.

I think the "device skill" damage boost should be removed.
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