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I think the spirit tag is unfortunately fairly arbitrary & unclear. While you eventually start memorizing which are & aren't it isn't that intuitive.
  • Ents don't have spirits. Surely they have as much right to the tag as dwarves do.
  • None of the big 'C' uniques have it.
  • Dragons have it, but not the phoenix. Is the phoenix similar to a dragon or just a big bird?
  • Nagas have it but not minotaurs.
  • Wolf-Sauron & Serpent-Sauron don't have it. This is probably a bug, as I can see it marked on Beorn's bear form.
  • Wererats & werebears don't have it.
  • A bunch I've missed.

Plenty of those may be corrected marked, but as a player taking a guess, you might go either way.
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