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Misc 3.1.2 Questions

First, to all involved in Angband development - THANK YOU!

A few notes, questions, comments, etc - and my apologies now if these issues have been discussed already.

Perhaps it is only my perception, but I seem to be getting many more pieces of armor of resist lightning (vs other resists) than I noticed in earlier versions. Is this intentional in the 3.1.2?

My dwarf priest somehow senses treasure in walls that are several squares away and out of sight. Very nice perk for sure - is this just for dwarves? It does not seem to apply to treasure on the floor, only in walls.

Digging tools seem less needed in 3.1.2 than before. Again, maybe just me?

The smaller cash amounts on the first levels is annoying but makes perfect sense, and I think it is very well offset by the increased value of low level armor.

The new "mixed bag" rings are great, though I don't seem to find any at early enough levels that I would think about wearing them.

The quiver is the GREAT!

Is see that some folks on the forum have notations indicate money donated... where/who/what does the money go to?

Again, thank you for this great game and all the work pu into maintaining and improving it!
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