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Originally Posted by dhegler View Post
I've been playing with it as my screensaver and it is SO cool...

1. However, is there any list of "Reason for not diving" codes?

My guy is stuck is stuck at a depth of 9 at clvl 19, even set as risky....... It said 'rs tele&esc (1)'...

2. Is there any documentation out there?

3. A couple of odd things... He had a dagger +8,+3 equipped, then sold an unidentified main gauche {excellent}. ??? Does the borg identify things marked {excellent}? At least in the early levels?

4. Also, he seemed to not be using WoR to dive, but used them to return 99% of the time until I turned it to "risky".
1. Yes the list is in borg4.c. "rs" means Restock. He must immediately leave the dungeon to get something. In this case, Phase and Teleport items.

2. Borg4.c, but not what one would consider a cheat-sheet or anything.

3. Yes, he will ID {excellent} items in the equipment list, and inventory. In fact, he makes it a priority to buy ?ID if he has an {excellent} item.

4. He does not ?WoR until deeper in the dungeon (maybe depth 10 or so. He tries to save money. At $250 ?WoR can break the bank. As for leaving via ?WoR. He tends to flee the dungeon like a rat from a sinking ship. If a dungeon level is pretty scare, he tries to get off asap.

Thanks for comments. Keep the bug reports coming. I may not get here very often, but I mess with the borg almost everyday. Certainly the zborg every day.

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