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I wouldn't say that armor's useless for AC; I agree that you don't want anything to get close, but there may be times when you don't have that much choice.

I also had the same thought as NotMorgoth...a defender whip would be nice just for the defensive aspects, and it's not that unlikely to find one. Later on, Gondricam would be particularly sweet, given its massive AC boost. It can't hurt. Then, of course, there's the good speed boosters...note that you're sacrificing, potentially, +20 speed (Ringil and Cubragol).

ewert: given that everything has to be killed by spell, I think any increase in spell failure will be very significant. MM's nice, but the damage goes up rather slowly. And given the low-ish Int to start, he's lower on mana, so using lightning bolts is non-trivial.

fizz: yeah, starting mages take forever. And you're forced to rest a bit more often with the low mana. The turn count's not altogether surprising.
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