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Originally Posted by Atarlost View Post
You left rPois behind because you can't survive a full resisted poison breath, but you later mention not wanting to rely on the rPois spell because of fail rate. Can you survive a full double resisted poison breath?
You can't double resist poison.

If I detect in advance I can cast rpois and engage, the problem with the winged horror is that it was already in LoS when I noticed it. This was lax on my part.

I don't have telepathy so it's not like I'm going to let a drolem sneak up on me anyways. I'm detecting like mad because I'm so fragile. I just have to be careful with spawned monsters and remember to detect after any resting or any length battle.

I considered the probability of dying to a poison breath and the probability of dying to a double move. I decided that keeping the +4 speed with the =escaping and the 50 or so SP with the =Int ring was more important than rpois, provided I'm careful. Perhaps that will be my undoing, we will see.
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