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CL34 DL53
A dark elven mage that starts next to me drops a woolfy ring (acid, squelch). I detect a sleeping drolem and decide to head the other way, lest it awaken. I take the southern route along the bottom of the map past a jelly pit, failing once again to find any stairs. I spy a room of ogres and head over to take them out. All I get is a !speed for my troubles. Iíve made it all the way across the map and still no stairs. So I head north, and finally detect some stairs, but there isnít an easy way to get to them. About 10 phase attempts brings me across a gap. Rmon shows that there are a couple ancient dragons that Iíd like to kill, but kavlax is between me and them and I don't feel comfortable with him yet, so down I go.

CL34 DL54
Nothing dangerous on this level. A nalfeshnee is near, but I can handle it. I kill it, some uruks, some cave trolls, and pick up a wand of cold balls. I verify that thereís nothing else nearby to kill/pick up, and head to some nearby stairs, rest and descend.

CL34 DL55
Rmon shows Harowen and a death drake to my southwest. So I head east. I spy a !Dex and nothing dangerous nearby, so I head north to pick it up, grabbing a robe, and checking it for permanence or elvenkind (not either) and chucking it. A silent watcher summons trolls before I can TO it on the way to the stairs. I kill them and a Nether Wraith, I successfully TO the silent watcher, try out an infinitesmally infarcting wand on a rattlesnake (drain life) and get to the stairs, rest, descend.

CL34 DL56
Rmon shows a dracolich to avoid far to the north. I always felt dracolichs should be much deeper than they are, but oh well. I wind up in a room with a Ėdrain life which I grab and an ancient green dragon which I kill. Thereís a great crystal drake to the south of me and the dracolich is further south yet, outside of detection range. Bert and escort are also south. I decide to TO the drake and kill the escorts, but I need to be careful, a shards breath will kill me. I TO the crystal drake before it wakes, kill an ancient white, and dispel evil the trolls. There are orcs to the south in the room with the dracolich, but thatís pushing it. The only treasure from the trolls was a =Int +5 which replaces my =Int +4. Down I go.

CL34 DL57
I land north of a troll pit. Ren is south of the pit and nothing else of danger is nearby. The trolls are out of the pit before I can get near. Oh well, looks like Iíll have to do this the long way. Ren wakes up and Iím too low on SP to kill him so I TO him away. Troll pit nets me a !Chr, a !Con (270 HP, almost more than my SP!), and an !Int. I spy Ufthak to the west and kill him, one of his escrots drops a useless randart axe. I had to rest a couple times while taking out the pit, so that means itís time to leave the level, down the stairs I go.

CL34 DL58
I land in a dark room near a pukelman on the far east of the map. Rmon shows a dracolich in the room with me, and I immediately TO it, and then the pukelman. Dstairs show none nearby, and Ėdobj shows nothing that I want. Thereís a time vortex to the south of me, something else that I want nothing to do with.

Unfortunately, the northern path leads to a dead end and by the time I get back to where I started the time vortex has found me. Fortunately I TO it before it can breathe its nastiness on me. A level with an awake dracolich on it is a dangerous one, and I spam detection as I make my way across the top of the map. I spy some stairs, but in the same room are a bunch of air hounds, the dracolich and the time vortex. Ugh.

Luckily TO spell is at 0 fail, and I get both the dracolich and the time vortex as they round a bend. Another detection shows the dracolich to my southwest but it either doesnít know where I am, or canít find a path to me. Ren is to the south, and Iím rested enough to take him on. Unfortunately thereís no easy path to him, and I give up and take the stairs that I fought so hard to get to.

CL34 DL59
Ancient dragons all around, nothing I canít handle. An ancient gold drops a new scroll (*enchant weapon*, squelched) None of the others drop anything, and I make my way to some stairs and go down some more.

CL34 DL60
Superb feeling. Thereís a Ďroomsí vault with Azriel to the northeast, an orc pit to the southeast, and ugluk and escort to the northwest. Ėdobj shows a new potion, but itís to the west, away from everything, so I head towards that. The vermoulu potion is Augmentation (woo). On my way to the orc pit I TO a dreadmaster, and kill a nicely arranged line of stone trolls getting me a !Dex. One dispel evil is all it takes to eliminate the orc pit. Drops include a new Diffracted potion, (my first !Str).

The orc pit has taken me directly below the vault. The only dangerous monsters are Azriel and an Ethereal dragon. A banshee drops a defender short sword, and I say bye-bye to my +2 Con from westernesse, so I can get regen. The vault gets me a !Int, a =Int (+6). Thereís too many awake dangers on this level, so I recall after I finish clearing the vault.

CL34 Town
I swap out my randart helm for the crown of might. This brings my HP back to 270, but would leave me without rsound. Thereís a robe of elvenkind with rsound in the armory, lucky day. I buy it and sell the randart robe. Itís incredibly nice to finally have regen. Thatís all for town, time to go back. Should've made a char dump here, but I didn't. Sorry.
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