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Announce DaJAngband 1.2.3 released

This release fixes the following bugs:
- fixed bug: grenades lose their enchantment on save/load
- fixed bug: +attacks in quiver applies to melee also (ego of dancing)
- fixed bug: shrooms of pricy luckfinding aren't as pricy as I meant them to be...
- fixed bug: display of recharge times for artifacts is sometimes messed up (reported by buzzkill)

Other changes since 1.2.2:
- BR_WALL now has a chance to create walls or rubble (more likely if breather can pass/break walls)
- chest drops improved. Also, sometimes nests have a silver or gold chest placed inside.
- traps gets harder to disarm with dungeon level, and there's a new trap type for >dl40
- tourists get some XP for picking up gold, they also get a charisma-based stealth bonus (which is negative with low CHA)
- weak pseudo is removed (it's about time, huh?)
- scroll/staff of darkness has better effect for black magic users
- shortened some rod & DSM recharge times
- resists can protect against inventory damage vs low level monsters (single resist protects against monsters < dL11, double resist protects against monsters < dL18)
- water slows you down a little (same for most monsters)
- cheat_hear allows you to see a monster's current speed relative to average speed for its race as well as its current hp.
- teleport/phase can land you inside a vault if you are already inside a vault.
- CLAIRVOYANCE now detects objects only in normal detection range, and detects monsters within 20 spaces (uses MAX_RANGE). There is now also a weaker version of the clairvoyance activation for the dagger of Pippin.
- monsters which throw boulders climb over/move rubble much easier now
- cause critical wounds monster spell now can cause cuts (as well as cause mortal wounds)
- most summoning spells summon a reduced number of monsters, summon ape spell may summon more than one now, and the single S_MONSTER spell has a small chance to summon up to three if you have bad luck.
- most 'cure wounds' potions/spells have a maximum heal amount as well as a minimum (40/60/90 for the potions). Only the prayer-realm CCW and CMW don't have a maximum.
- pit traps often (but not always) turn into open pits when disarmed
- rearranged assassin spells a little, adding Step Into Darkness: +1 stealth, darkvision, reduces light radius to 1, and makes you vulnerable to light. (but you don't take damage just for being in a lighted space)
- potions of monster detection now detect all monsters within 23 spaces for ~9-14 turns (shorter if you have very bad luck).
- SMART monsters always learn & react to your resists as if AI_LEARN was on.
- NON_LIVING monsters resist nether
- other things which have been tweaked: stuff that affects level feelings, scoring system, some spells, monsters vs jammed doors (jamming doors is more effective now), etc..

I had planned to make v1.3.0 the next release, but I wanted to release my changes so far in a version that doesn't break savefiles. Here are a few of the changes planned for v1.3.0:
- monster race size implemented (will always see large monsters on the opposite end of a large lit room -I put in an ugly temporary fix for this in 1.2.3 for until the next release.)
- monsters may have single/double resist or immunity to elements just like the PC can.
- monsters have a racial limit to their spell range
- slings, short bows, and hand crossbows will have shorter range (haven't decided about light crossbows).
- ego DSMs

Download here:
DaJAngband website is in my sig as always.

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