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Resist static protects against melee attacks which drain charges. It is not complete protection though: it makes it so there's about a 1/3 chance for charge-draining to fail, and when charges are drained, it often makes it so it doesn't drain all the charges left on the wand/staff.
I plan to make Rstatic a little more powerful in the next version.
EDIT: just to add, multiple sources of Rstatic stack in effectiveness. Effect I described is with one source of Rstatic.

enlightenment maps and lights up the whole level
clairvoyance does the same plus detection of nearby traps, objects (normal detection range) and monsters (within 20 spaces).

Currently, normal ESP has a range of 18, most race-specific ESP has a range of 15, sensing the presence of all monsters (what that palantir has) has a range of only 8 spaces. I thought I made an in-game note somewhere that it was shorter ranged, maybe I forgot. (maybe 8 is too short...)
If you have multiple ESP spells which sense the same monster, the range is increased.

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