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(I just now noticed this message. I thought I had subscribed for email notification for the DAJ threads.)

1) Cool, I'm glad you like the 'call help' spell. I've never gotten far enough with a druid to playtest its usefulness.
2) I thought uniques were always immune to being trambled. obviously I was wrong. will be fixed.
3) EDIT: Now that I look even closer*... Helper monsters have negative XP values and the compare_monsters function uses experience value to decide whether a monster can push past or trample another monster so I'm wondering how that ent was able to trample anything at all. ...Oh I see- in the compare_monsters function the mexp variables are declared unsigned. weird. I guess that works though because I do want ents to be able to trample some things. Anyway, I made uniques immune to being trampled for next version.

The three types of hounds which are native deeper than dL100 use the elemental symbol because all the Zs colors were used up and I didn't want those types of hounds to be confused with lesser types. And they're grouped in the monster memory by symbol (I think I put "elementals and endgame hounds" as the heading for that symbol in the knowledge menu).

thanks for all the bug reports and helpful comments


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