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Originally Posted by Zero View Post
Up to you. The maximum value doesn't matter as much as the fact that each torch weighs 3.0 lbs. That's mainly why I combine them. If you're playing a low STR character like a mage the weight of three or four torches becomes significant.

How much code modification would be required to make the weight a function of the number of turns remaining? So, for example, you could take a 3 lb torch with 3000 turns and combine it with another 3 lb torch with 3000 turns and get a 6 lb torch with 6000 turns? I realize that this change would involve much more code modification than simply adjusting the weight of torches, or their maximum turns.

It might be best to specify a base weight, and then turns per 0.1 lb. For example, an empty lantern could weigh 5 lbs, but a lantern with 15000 turns could weigh 7 lbs. 30000 turns would be 9 lbs. Don't overfill your lantern, or you could end up waiting a really long time.
It wouldn't be too hard, but I think it might just be a bit pointless, and a little confusing -- no-one else does this. Perhaps a solution would be wand/rod-style stacking of lanterns+torches. That makes combining (the horrible idea that it is) removable, but replaces it with a nastier hack. Hmm.
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