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Originally Posted by Max Stats View Post
There are two pref files that are loaded by default for all players: user.prf and pref.prf. However, the pref file loading code looks for pref files first in the lib/pref directory before trying the user pref directory. Since both of these files ship with the distribution, they will be found in lib/pref and even if you save your prefs to one of these names, they won't load.
Thank you - I didn't know that was the problem! It seems to me that the obvious short term fix is to ship only pref.prf in lib/pref, and allow the user to save user.prf in their private dir as their private global pref file (let's not forget that on multi-user systems, pref.prf would be loaded for all players). I can't imagine there's a need for both of them to be in lib/pref.

In the longer term we want to rationalise this whole issue with a single player-specific "settings" file, with window positions, colours, keymaps, autoinscriptions etc. etc. When you save any of these things, the game should ask you whether you want them applied for all chars, or for this class only, or this char only - etc.
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