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Originally Posted by Stan Belik View Post
So I guess it was a pretty awkward death, huh?

You do need poison resist just as badly as you need basic four by that time. First thing that isn't basic element Ancient Dragon and can kill you with single breath attack will make same damage with all five of its breaths: Ancient Multi-Hued Dragon.

I prefer getting poison resist earlier than later. Before you meet AMHD you meet a lot of lesser poison breathers that are actually more dangerous than basic four breathers. I learned that with non-ego char I was playing. You can manage without some of the basic four for a long time, and poison started to get annoying sooner than any of them. When you actually need poison resist you need all the rest of basic resistances too.

When you meet AMHD you better have all five resists.

(note that high element resists do not follow same rules as basic four & poison. They have variable resistance from 6/7 to 1/2 damage)
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