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Originally Posted by Magnate View Post
... not much in the way of uber finds there (no artifacts worth mentioning).
Not that I saw, but my kill rate was really low I was only killing things way under depth like the orc guys at dl 60 or a dragon when I could get double resist and first/buffed move.

In order to get a decent grasp of drop rates you need to do some element of level clear which I don't like as you hit cl 50 far too fast which irritates me as the game feels over then. I actually sourced this way back and cut the exp massively (/10).

Had I not actually took on the pit, I would have started scumming for high drop low risk monsters at dl 98 and then killed them selectively. The length of time it would take to kit out there would be a decent indicator but you really need multiple games to make any kind of inference.

I have ran games before where drops fell almost on command and the character walked through the game like an annihilator. In the next game ran right down to deep dl with no resists, no speed, and little to any stat boosts which leads to a huge stall as you end up not able to kill anything.

The best class to play for item drop is something like half troll paladin as while you can move fast stealth is horrible so you can't stair detect/teleport with abandon and you really are forced to have at least basic r, and HP to survive the high attack and prevent double move.


I don't remember them being too bad, but perhaps you are thinking of NPP where they are deadly.
Could be, NPP was the first variant I went with heavily and tooled around in. My memory is that they are speed hasted, can breath, hit heavy, and can even do really nasty things like plasma at later levels. They also have useless drops so are not worth consumables.

Glad you like these - though items in pits could be seen as munchkin
I only saw them once, detect treasure and there were a bunch of them. It wasn't something I would attempt as the risk/reward was too high aside from finding a scroll of mass banishment as I assume they are all rolled good or better. Even then though I likely would have not done it as I would have been thinking of end game unless I was simply stagnated and had no speed at dl 60+.
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