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Equipment Observations

Okay, so my character is now circa level 42 or so and traipsing around the mid-70s in terms of dungeon level (basically levels 75-76 at the moment). Here are my equipment observations so far, for what they are worth. I'm playing with randarts.

* Artifacts seem extremely rare, and also underpowered. So far I have only seen a few artifacts come my way--a shield, a weapon, some boots, and maybe one or two other things. I can't remember exactly, because out of all of them, only the shield was at all useful. Most of the others were inferior to other equipment I had. Overall, that has been very disappointing. You ID countless hard-won items garnered over many tough battles, and almost never come across an artifact, and when you do, it is no good!

* Weapons seem overpowered (for the most part; see below). My non-artifact weapon right now deals an average of 600+ damage per round normally, and 1300 per round against targets not resistance to acid. This is far greater than I ever had with any character ever in vanilla. I just got it recently, but my previous weapon was pretty awesome too. I was basically able to go from the late-40 levels down to the early 70 levels kicking ass left and right, killing uniques without a sweat (I think I killed Ungoliant in an unprepared sudden encounter, with no consumables other than a heal or two). It was only when I got to the 70s levels that I had to slow down, because my warrior character has some issues fighting the high-powered undead (see below).

* The exception to the above bit has to do with the tweaks in the system that seem to make some monsters virtually unkillable through weapons. I can kill Ungoliant without increasing my pulse, but I have yet to be able to kill a single Master Mystic. So far, I have had to abort every encounter, either teleporting them away or teleporting away myself. They heal faster than I can do them damage. I am not sure what the rationale is in making a non-unique harder to kill than many of the high-powered uniques.

* Resistance is a real problem. Early on in the game, I couldn't get any basic resistances for some time, but it wasn't a big deal, and eventually the tap was turned on, and I had all the basic resistances coming out the wazoo. However, the OTHER resistances come out extremely sparingly, and rarely in combinations. The result is that I am only in the 70-levels but already a huge chunk of my gear consists of swap-outs because I can't cover even many of the intermediate resistances with my basic gear (like confusion, light, dark, etc.). The "advanced" resistances? Forget it. Some I have not encountered any items for, while a few had resistance to some things like nexus but were totally useless otherwise. Unless I get gear with more multiple resistances soon, I'm going to be having a big problem in the 80s and 90s.

* Weapons are worth too much. I passed a million gold faster than I ever had before, because there were so many weapons that I could sell for 8k to 30k.

* Staves seem to get destroyed way too easily. If I find a new staff of speed or staff of healing, I have learned to use them as much as possible right away because they will survive on average about 2 trips into the dungeon. I rarely even get a chance to recharge them; they just don't last long.

* The rings of acid/flame/etc. are now overpowered whereas in Vanilla they seemed to be worthless. And they are also ubiquitous, and worth a ton of money, and show up far earlier than they did in Vanilla. There's got to be a happy medium.

That's my $.02.
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