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A Few Questions/Observations From an Old Player

Hey folks,

I just recently started playing again. I've played versions as far back as, hmm, 1995 or so.

Anyway, here we go:

1. I just got a vault which has both Huan and Carcharoth in it. I don't suppose the AI allows me to get these two to start fighting each other? Considering Gabriel ignores Ringwraiths, I'm betting not.

2. Is it my imagination or has the number of item slots in the house gone down drastically? As I recall, there used to be two screens, now there's only one. Last version I played prior to 3.3.2 was around 2005 so it has been awhile.

3. I read some comments on the forum about how everybody has the same endgame gear. The last time I swapped gear out, I ended up having to switch 5 items. If you severely limit choices (i.e. storage space), everybody is going to go for the same items instead of looking for interesting combinations.

4. Similarly, if the quiver is overpowered at 99 arrows (nice idea, btw, it hadn't been implemented in previous versions), why not increase the number of house slots so people can store consumables in it?

5. I'm currently playing a Dwarf Priest since a bunch of posts indicated that was a popular character. The previous one was a level 35 High Elf Ranger with over 500 HP that was insta-killed by a random respawn of an Ancient Multi-Hued Dragon (Poison Breath) on level 35 before I had a chance to react. Note that I hadn't even *seen* an Ancient Dragon prior to that point and that the character had a high Stealth which was made useless by the out of depth respawn automatically being awake.

(Yes, I could have been constantly recasting Resistance since I hadn't found a source of Poison Resistance, but I wasn't expecting such a low probability sequence of events.)

6. Why are weaker creatures able to Summon tougher creatures? Not just 1 tougher, but lots of tougher ones? I understand 3.4 already has the features finalized but, seriously, tone down the Summons. It make little to no sense for a Greater Demon to Summon Demon (i.e. 1 Lesser Demon) and Summon Greater Demons (i.e. a *bunch* of Greater Demons). That should be reversed unless the Greater Demons are the wimpy I through IV types.

7. I read somewhere that people don't like that *Destruction* can be used to deal with Morgoth's summons. I tested it out on Maeglin and he went away as well. Has this already been tweaked so that if I use *Destruction* on Morgoth, I'll just have to start over? If so, fine, I'll try to stock up on Mass Banishment scrolls before heading down (Hint: all you're doing is taking away play options).

8. Certain monsters seem to have extraordinary luck in destroying my potions, etc. Is this just luck or are some monsters given really good chances? One Gelugon was trashing potions on every attack round.

9. Why do I have to equip the appropriate ranged weapon before seeing the chance of the ammo breaking?

I think that hits the high points. Thanks in advance for your answers and thanks to the developers for maintaining a great game.


Oh, I also found a Sling of Buckland and Mithril Shots of Holy Might. When I can do 1000 pts of damage a round (3 shots) with that combo, I can understand why people are saying ranged weapons are overpowered. I'm saving it for the big "M".
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