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Odd. I usually find more boots of stability than I know what to do with. Trickery always shows up sooner or later and makes it in to many of my builds. Come lategame it's more about finding a Trickery amulet with the best plusses. I've certainly seen flasks of oil in stacks on the dungeon floor, but I'm not sure about whether I've often monsters drop them in stacks. Q's still do have that summon chance and they can destroy you when they use it, so count yourself lucky. The gondolin and company of weapons show up a lot come mid/lategame but they're not really lategame items unless on a greater weapon IMO (scythe of slicing and pals).

The room variations are great, and fizzix's modification to monster group spawns definitely add fun, flavor, and variety (e.g. ice giants spawning with cold hounds).

Really glad to hear you're enjoying it even though I'm not one of the devs! They've done a lot of great work to make the most user-friendly version of the game yet, while maintaining the roles of luck and sheer unfair brutality. It's not the hardest it's ever been, but it is the best it has been. Good luck!
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