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All of these questions should be taken with the caveat that I'm assuming they're unchanged from Vanilla and/or what I remember of ZAngband.

Originally Posted by Fnord View Post
** I've read that regenerate stacks. But my experience seems to show that hold life does not appear to stack (my current char has 5 or so and still occasionally gets drained)
Hold life is something like 90% reliable, and in the rare case where it fails, the amount of experience you lose will be vastly reduced (so it can be easily restored by killing a few monsters).
** Do sustains stack? Anti-Magic? Reflection?
No, no, and no; you either have them or you don't.

* Checking winning warriors and berserkers, it seems that all of them use Terror Mask - I always found (in old Z!) that rnd tele basically makes an item unusable. Is there a way to prevent this or does everyone just take this risk?
Uncursed items with random teleportation will, at intervals, prompt you if you want to teleport. You can inscribe them with "." to prevent this prompt from bothering you. Of course, if they get cursed then they won't prompt you any more...
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