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How should an ironman @ decide which randarts weapons to carry, and which to drop?

I've got an ironman dunadan paladin who seems to be getting reasonably powerful, cautiously exploring in the DL60's:

All these randarts weapons are confusing me, though. Right now she's carrying 3 different weapons, which are all comparable in terms of the damage they do, and yet different.

As her main weapon, she's carrying the Katana of Earnimlos, which is mostly excellent because of the +4 wisdom it grants. The extra SP come in handy. Also it sustains life force, but that doesn't really seem significant since @ is also holding a rod of restoration.

She's also got 2 swap artifact weapons with roughly similar damage output and various different mixes of slays, resistances, and minor abilities.

In general, how should @ be thinking about which weapons to carry, and which to discard? It's not easy to throw decent artifacts away, knowing they'll be lost forever. In fact my last @ died as an indirect consequence of a poor choice in this area.

These tricky choices are the reason I like ironman. But when I don't know how to think about the trade-offs in a reasonably coherent way, it sometimes begins to feel tedious instead of fun.

Any good tips?
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