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The halberd has a little more room to grow in terms of blows/round; it's at 4.3 right now compared to 4.7 for the scimitar. I expect, though I haven't done the math, that that will give it an edge over the scimitar. It's a question of 8d2 + 23 vs. 8d5 + 19, really, since Slay Evil doubles the damage dice of the weapon. That's all Slay Evil does -- it's extra damage. So you go with the weapon that does the most damage against your enemy. Honestly what you have right now is sufficient, and you're a paladin so you're hardly worried about the fight taking a long time. But the more damage you can do, the better.

The other thing the halberd has going for it is an acid brand, which will make it considerably more powerful against Sauron. The only slays/brands that affect Sauron are Evil and Acid.
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