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For the record apart from having skeleton as a wallpaper there isn't much difference in the SDL2 front-end.
The main differences are: the easier to use menu, less nasty color scheme, different method for controlling subwindows position and size, ability to use resizable fonts (put them in angband/lib/fonts directory), multiple windows.

Originally Posted by shirish View Post
Also there is no sound.
Did you enable it in options? ("=" -> "User interface options" -> "Use sound").
Sound is a bit problematic, because Angband uses MP3, which SDL2_mixer doesn't like very much. Alghough I'd expect Debian has it figured out (and used correct codecs when compiling SDL2_mixer...)

There also seems to be missing a debug-mode, something which tells what is going on
Hmm... why would you want debug mode?
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