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Arrow Customization of gamedata files


Topic was renamed to "Gamedata customization" to continue with this matters, so there wouldn't be need to create a lot of new topics with similar discussion.

Please post there all kind of questions and suggestions about gamedata customization (Angband configuration engine).


Dear Angband devs,

First I wanna say HUGE thanks for such awesome 'gamedata' customization system. It give enormous possibilities for non-coders (yet) to adjust gamedesign for 'variants' (and not only!) THANK YOU!

I speak on behalf of PWMAngband custom server. Recently we customized Magic Mapping and reduced it radius -

I wonder, is it possible also to add 'dice' parameter for stuff with effect:LIGHT_LEVEL:

1) activation.txt


2) object.txt

Enlightenment !
*Enlightenment* ! (LIGHT_LEVEL)

3) class.txt

3x Clairvoyance

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