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Originally Posted by will_asher View Post
What's an istari? Is that a replacement for the paladin?
If you pressed ? while highlighting Istari, you'll see a help screen, which says the following:

The Istari are fine warriors who can also use the priestly
and magical arts as well as magical devices and bows. They
are intended as an easier class to play in order to learn all
about Unangband, but a win with an Istari is not considered
as challenging as a win with any other class.
A Istari's Intelligence determines the number of spells
that they can learn, Wisdom determines the mana that a Istari
may safely use and Dexterity determines the failure rate of
their magical and priestly spells. Because of the divine
mandate of the Istari, they may use weapons freely and are
not hindered by wearing gloves, although heavy armour can
penalise their magic.

I can't figure out what magic type I can use, usually the X command will list the spells of a spellbook I can use, but it's not listing spells for prayerbooks or magicbooks (or songbooks -just felt like trying them too).
killed by Fang almost as soon as I enter Farmer Maggot's dungeon.
An Istari can use any spellbooks

Starting a new game
hmm, same class & race but didn't start with all the stuff I started with last game, I guess it must be social class that decides if you get more stuff.

A shovel is only 14 gold, that'll pay for itself real quick when I find some ore. (Does the "@w0" inscription work the same way?)

Let's try again..
the prices of all the magic stuff seems to skyrocketed. I hope there's more treasure to compensate or else how am I going to afford enough healing?
I wonder if there's a purpose to the Brandywine bridge, it seems quite empty.
There was a purpose to it - since lost.
Is there a way to turn off mouse support? I don't want to accidently move when I'm clicking my mouse between windows.
If you're on windows - there should be a menu option. Not sure what Nick decided for Linux.

I have to use arrows to kill a grey icky thing. Then I can't melee a shrieker either. How can I miss something that doesn't even move?
Its too noisy for you to attack successfully...

In general, you don't have to kill everything you find...
The Roflwtfzomgbbq Quylthulg summons L33t Paladins -more-
In UnAngband, the level dives you.
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