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I'm now playing with a wood-elf paladin (because paladin is my favorite class, and not many races can be a paladin). Wood-elf paladin I think is working well since, as I mentioned before, I like being a shooting paladin.
Also I don't want to be a race or class that's made to be easier than the others with no penalties.
Two new questions/possible bugs: On the birth menus, whenever I pick male - wood elf - paladin - prayer books it sends me back to the male/female option. So I'm a wood elf paladin specializing in slay evil because it won't let me choose prayer books. Then, the help screen says the paladin can use any weapons, but the game says I don't feel comfortable with my long sword.
Also, I can't find the option to turn off mouse support, where is it? (I am using Windows).
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