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I have 2 suggestions:

(1) When the player finishes the thieves quest and the wargs quest and perhaps some other quests, instead of the reward being hard coded (and thus having to tailor it to each class) let the player choose the reward from a list
So the player could choose a melee weapon or an item suitable for a spellcaster, and so on
And if the player chooses a melee weapon, let them choose if they want a sword or a hafted weapon and so on, and perhaps give them the option of getting a 1-handed or a 2-handed item of that kind

(2) When the player starts off in the starting town, make it so that the shops are guaranteed to have all the low level stuff
So the shops are guaranteed to have lanterns, oil, low level shields, low level 1 and 2-handed swords, low level 1 and 2-handed hafted weapons, ..., beginner spellbooks for all realms, potions of cure serious wounds, scrolls of recall, scrolls of teleport, and so on
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