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Spell skills reduce the failure rate as well. -1% at Expert and -2% at Master. This is probably most noticeable for classes like Monk or Paladin who have a 5% minimum fail rate, since proficiency can actually reduce it down to 3%.

As for weapon and dual-wield proficiency: There are limits to how high you can train it based on the dungeon level and the level of the monsters you're hitting, (and I think dual-wielding might look at character level instead? not sure...) so you can't just chop at worm masses for hours to become the world's greatest swordmaster. If you just progress down to deeper levels and kill stronger enemies, your skills will eventually rise again.

Also, different classes have different max skill levels for the various weapon types. Only a few classes can reach Master in dual-wielding, for example, and the Sorcerer is stuck at permanently Unskilled for everything except wizardstaves. As far as I know there's no way to actually learn what the maximums are other than playing the game or reading the edit files.
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