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Originally Posted by gglibertine View Post
I'm thinking I'll take a shot at the context-sensitive help, since documentation is my area of expertise. (And I can really use the recent work experience since I haven't had a job for a couple of years now.)
  • Can anyone suggest a good place to get started with this? i.e., are there lib files I can mine for messages (nothing obvious popped out at me) or is it just a matter of playing the game and writing help entries for things that pop up?
  • What's the scope here? What types of messages do you want help for, what types should be considered self-explanatory? I can start with what's most obvious, but there are an awful lot of possible messages. (The "Current Plans" link at is broken.)
That ticket predates my involvement in Angband development...

I guess we need to think about what sort of context-sensitive help would be useful - there are already, for example, help tips in the shop interface.
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