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That seems a lot of spells. I'd be more comfortable with the changes being more incremental. Magnate asked for:
(1) fix the "damage progression" of attack spells
(2) subdivide better the existing spells into books

It seems like you did that, but combined irreversibly with:
(3) adding a bunch of new stuff, some of it with dubious balance effects (I think that giving players access to infinite magical arrows inside the dungeon is problematic, for instance). That spell list is huge; how many spells do you have there, like 80?
(4) reworking completely the mana/failure rate/int bonus formulas, in particular giving 0% fail rate to classes other than mages, which is extremely game-changing.
(5) altering some of the existing spells, sometimes in ways that look gratuitous (why should satisfy hunger be changed to "conjure food"? What advantage does it have compared to the current state?)

In short, this looks like a giant step for a game that usually changes at a much slower pace. I'd be more comfortable in getting (1) and (2) done immediately and independently of the other changes.

(That said, I like some of the suggestions, for instance the burning hands spell looks like a great idea to combine attack and utility).
(and I realize that you did a lot of work here, and here I am commenting gratuitously instead of having helped by doing it myself, so kudos and thanks for getting involved)
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