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Originally Posted by Bowman View Post
I read The Hobbit and the LotR series some 15-20 years ago, and I hated them. (etc)
I love LOTR and Silmarillion both, though I prefer LOTR because it was written with much greater focus time-wise. LOTR lets us see more into characters' lives and minds, and gives us a feel for the world, while the Silmarillion is really a distilled history of the entire universe, and doesn't have time for such detail.

I'm surprised you felt the LOTR characters had too much "plot armor" since most of them don't return home safe and sound to live happily ever after. Some die, many are wounded or changed to the point that they can't be happy ever again. They kinda go through hell.

Given that your favorite characters seem to be the villains, your complaints about villains not getting enough "screen time" or not being badass enough, and your expressed interest in Lovecraft and Poe, I get the feeling you prefer stories where evil overwhelms and destroys the good. I don't suppose there's anything wrong with enjoying those kinds of themes, but yeah, that's definitely not Tolkien.

Another work you might enjoy would be "The Children of Hurin." Sort of an expanded novel taken from Turin's life. It was written by his son, but so is a whole lot of the Silmarillion.

At any rate, I can completely agree with the books adding to the enjoyment of Angband, and vice-versa!
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