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I find it a bit inelegant that every time you input a key, the game would have to scan all of your items to see if they have relevant keymaps assigned to them. That's my biggest complaint.

I'd prefer a system where you could create keymaps that are explicitly attached to a specific object type, rather than to the object that has a specific "magic" inscription on it. So e.g. I want to be able to say "cast the first spell from the book Magic for Beginners", not "cast the first spell from the book inscribed with @m1".

Maybe what we need is to add an option when examining items in the inventory: "create keymap using this item type". You'd input a keymap as you currently do, except that in place of the item prompt you input _ (or some other special character). Then the game uses the selected item automatically, or fails the keymap if it's not in your inventory/equipment/quiver.
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