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Designers wanted

Posting in this forum (and not dev forum) for better visibility. I assume most players dont read dev forum.
So, I'm doing the menus for new ui:

If you have some ideas about how to design these menus, go ahead! If you have some pictures of how Angband's menus should look like, post them! (or you can "draw" these menus in CODE tags...)
Maybe some want to ask "what's wrong with old menus"? Well, they're ugly, for one thing They just don't look good when they have borders, for example.
Note that this thread is not about new features, but about how to display contents of existing menus, textblocks, panels. For example: inventory, equipment, spell books, player info (the 'C' command), knowledge screens, side bar, etc.
Also note that I call the new ui "text ui 2" and it's very much a text ui - all menus consist of text and nothing else (just like the old ui).
If you don't have any suggestions, I'll do everything how I like it and then you'll have to blame only yourselves
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