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Originally Posted by t4nk View Post
If you have some ideas about how to design these menus, go ahead! If you have some pictures of how Angband's menus should look like, post them! (or you can "draw" these menus in CODE tags...)

Maybe some want to ask "what's wrong with old menus"? Well, they're ugly, for one thing They just don't look good when they have borders, for example.
Some thoughts:

I'd suggest switching from using '=' and '|' to using an actual line drawn as non-text. The two bars of '=' is visually distracting IMO.

I'd say that generally the padding around the pop-up terms is off. I don't know if it's using the width/height of one character as padding but I think it should be reduced. The spell book display seems to have a line of padding at the top and bottom, but the knowledge screen doesn't, and the inventory just has one at the bottom. That takes up unnecessary screen space; it needs to be some fraction of a normal character's size I think.

I'd also suggest reimplementing some kind of off-centre display so that the menus don't open over the middle of the screen (which is where the player is likely to be and thus the situation they're in the middle of).

For headers and footers, e.g. 'Inventory' / 'Knowledge - known objects' / the line where what keys you can press are listed, I'd suggest drawing them with a gray background in the frontend side of things, and then have a narrower gap between that line and the following one.

Something like these:

I'd say the padding was better on the first one, but you get the idea!
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