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Originally Posted by Zireael
I would prefer the background to be not black, to better differentiate from playing area.

Whether it's gray or some sort of a dark brown/blue/green/whatever doesn't really matter as long as it's not black (i.e. not the empty square color)
That's not specific enough! Tell me which color exactly (red, green, blue, alpha values) and then I'll post a screenshot and we can discuss how it looks.

Originally Posted by takkaria
Ah sorry, I should have been clearer - I meant offset to the right (or left, but I was thinking right) a bit, as well as opening from the top. This has been the historic behaviour of Angband in-game menus and I think it's worth retaining.
Well, in old ui item menus are to the left (at COL_MAP) and spell menu is to the right. Maybe move them all the way to the left, so that they're directly under the prompt string?
I think I'll just add more "TERM_POSITION" things, and then we can experiment with it.

I'm a bit confused by this - on the one hand, yes, I agree, avoiding using separate windows where possible is good (and a reason I really like the term interface over e.g. AngbandTk and NPP's Qt frontend), but on the other hand, textui2 is introducing a much more windowed model of UI, where windows are layered upon each other rather than taking over the whole display region by erasing previous contents.
That was just a "knee-jerk reaction" (I think that's what it is called ). When I started hacking on Angband, I just wanted to change the colors of SDL1 interface and remove headers of its subwindows, so that they wouldn't actually look like windows Then I decided that SDL1 is obsolete anyway, and I might as well use SDL2 while I'm at it...

I guess my sense of why windows are bad is because 1. they can add unnecessary complexity - like pop-ups for yes/no answers that could be just on Angband's prompt line; 2. you have to manage them yourself -like in old-school bad MDI interfaces, or 3. (e.g. in browsers before tabs) the OS provides an inadequate way to see and manipulate multiple windows. I don't think these issues apply to any of Angband's windows/menus.
I think it's something psychological. GIMP (the GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a relatively well known example. Its windows don't take additional space and offer some advantage to people with multiple monitors - but users were constantly asking for "docked" mode, with just one big window! So now it has "single window mode".

I guess spellcasting could be a two-pane affair, with the left list being the spellbooks and the right list being the spells in that book.
That's an interesting idea. The books then could be given fixed letters or numbers for selection ("fixed" means that, for example, "Magic for beginners" is always selectable by "a" or "1", and if it gets destroyed, then "a" or "1" does nothing). I'd really like to minimize the need for inscription...

That looks really good! I'll have to think about that...
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