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Originally Posted by takkaria View Post
Though this wouldn't work for the spells menu. Thinking about it, you could basically have mini tabs on the top of the object list like so, which is less windowy - but also outside the scope of textui2:
Hm, so, for example, one "tag" (non-interactive):
I might go with it... what do you think?
Here's the variant with COLOUR_SHADE:

Originally Posted by Zireael
I would try 96, 96, 96, 0 for a dark gray
0,76, 153,0 for dark blue
0,153,76, 0 for dark green (or maybe 0,102, 51, 0)
Dark brown: 153,76,0,0 or 102,51,0,0
Keep in mind that currently Angband has uses 29 colors and people talked me out of adding more!
All of these colors are very bright:
Also, alpha 0 means "completely transparent" (that is, invisible)
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