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Originally Posted by fph View Post
I don't really know where to start answering this. Maybe by explaining that no one knows how to use a command line? Or that this command by itself isn't enough to start a recording on most desktop setups (you have to be on Linux, have already installed this program...)? Or that it is much easier to configure further options on a GUI than command line? Or that you are only addressing the "recording" part, while there is much more infrastructure for sharing true videos with the world (e.g. Youtube)? And, does that thing even support sound? And multiple terminals, which is how most people play Angband nowadays? Can you edit the recordings it produces without a degree in reverse engineering?
Nah, I'll just do what you did and go with a smug one-liner that is technically true but ignores most of the issues:

Typing 'recordmydesktop' requires 2 fewer keypresses.
As someone who has recorded a few videos of *band (Sil) game sessions, GCU + ttyrecs are still hugely helpful because they are easy for other players to record and transmit, and for me to replay and cast -- which I have done several times.

GCU additionally makes it a lot easier to share your games in realtime with other players using live terminal sessions on things like -- angband is already approximately 10 years behind DCSS in the "come watch me play" department, and forcing me to have uninterrupted 2mbps up with low latency to stream on something like twitch means that this is basically never going to happen for angband if GCU disappears.
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