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Originally Posted by hjklyubn View Post
Basically, the terminal is already really good at displaying rectangular grids of characters; why would I want to use any other tool to do it?
Because maybe this other tool lets you use numpad fully? (including shift-running). That seems to be a popular way to play the game
Does anyone have numpad working with GCU? (with numlock off).

edit: I stole some code from DSCC. Now numpad works... the thing is, numpad keys 1-3-7-9 are actually "page down", "page up", "home" and "end" (that is, terminals think so ). That means that real "page down" and "page up" also move @ diagonally... Should it work like that?
Shift-running won't work with numpad it all - as far as I can tell, that's simply impossible.
edit: LOL! I see that Angband defines macros for KC_PGUP and friends... ok then.

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