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Tracking Change from Frog Knows Forward

Hello all!

A couple years ago I began comparing the source code for Angband releases beginning with Frog Knows. I've been systematically committing changes on github at and tagging the releases as they are reached. I took a short break to finish my masters degree and now am back at it.

My purpose was mainly to see how the code has evolved over time, but I eventually want to catch up to current progress and use it for contributing development. I also want to compare select variants, but In the process, another objective may be reached.

I'm currently trying to recreate 2.7.0-3 based on a comparison of 2.7.4 with 2.6.2 and am thinking of attempting to create a save-file converter which could bring characters saved from old releases into new ones--if possible.

Therefore, I'm wondering if anyone has any save files from back then stashed away?

I also have a few questions about when certain changes occurred, but I'll save them 'til someone self-identifies as someone who may know such things.

Thanks for your time!
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