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Yet Another Dummy There...

I'm trying to figure out how alloc works, please help

After past messager, it seems format changed.. Now it's
# alloc: commonness : min " to " max
# 'alloc' is for allocation - depth and rarity, in pairs. It is used to
# ensure that certain vital items such as food and recall scrolls
# are found throughout the dungeon. The "allocation" depth need not
# match the depth as specified in the "properties:" line.
Let's try at this two items (object.txt):

Blade~ of Chaos
alloc:10:70 to 100

on depth 10, rarity of this blade is from 70 to 100..


alloc:20:0 to 100

on depth 20, rarity of dagger is from 0 to 100

I'm trying to figure out how it works.. In previous message there was different structure, eg A:20/8:30/4:40/1 - is like the deeper we go - the more often we would meet mushroom...

"Higher numbers are in fact less common", so the higher rarity - the more rare item.

Back to dagger&blade:
at depth 10: blade got ~85 rarity; dagger got ~(50/2)=25 rarity, right? So dagger would be in ~3.5 times more often than blade.

at depth 20: blade got ~170 (?) rarity; dagger got ~50

at depth 40 blade got ~ 340 rarity; dagger got ~100 ?


It seems I make something wrong.

Lets take a lantern:
alloc:70:5 to 100

So at depth 70.. wait. Depth 70 for a lantern? D
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