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I have compiled the Benbands!

Copying h-system.h from 2.9.0 over the versions present in 2.7.4-2.8.3 allows them to compile and from there just fix the L64 bug and you're set.

I also attempted 2.7.1v2 which is up on AngbandPlus despite rephial's claim that 2.7.4 is the oldest benband with surviving source code. This version still resembled older versions and while I could persuade it to compile it won't run. This version lacks 'gcu' or 'ncurses' support and only provides a frontend for 'Actual Unix Curses'

AngbandPlus also provided me with 2.6.1 (the archive present on rephial will not extract for me). This is a different beast entirely, and while I eventually got it to compile using subtle trickery, as with 2.7.1v2, it will not run.

2.7.4 is the first version which resembles angband in terms of file and code structure. By 2.8.0 it looks like angband as a game as well - previous to these points, angband looks like a moria variant, and not like angband.
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